MAN worldwide Relaunch

In 2011 I was given the chance to relaunch a multi-national engineering company. MAN’s¬†primary output is for the automotive industry, particularly heavy trucks. Further activities include the production of diesel engines for various applications, like ship propulsion, and also turbomachinery.MAN supplies trucks, buses, diesel engines and turbomachinery. Until September 2012 MAN SE was one of […]

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BMW on Amazon

Redefining urban mobility and also an advertising approach 2013 was the year BMW introduced their first electronic car concept. They had launched a never seen before advertising campaign but had never before considered Amazon a partner. This was about to change.   Pitch i3 to Campaign i3 The first approach was to convince the mar- […]

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Minions @ Amazon

This concept started on a white- board in an ideation session where we wanted to boost the cinema launch of the upcoming Minions movie unlike any other promotion that has ever been on Amazon. ¬† The Minions took over …the Amazon homepage for 1 day where all products and placements are dedicated to Stuart, Bob, […]

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